Ladies of West Texas


January 2010

West Texas Landscapes

January 2010


Woody Allan:Manhattan::THIS:Brooklyn

Replace Manhattan with Brooklyn, save the intimate glimpses into the love lives of neurotics and we have a modern day version of Woody Allen's amazingly gorgeous love letter to New York.


Giant Flowers


Endangered Species Art


The Endangered Species Print Project is a sweet operation that makes beautiful prints of endangered animals and plans. The limited edition prints correspond to however many of the species are left in the wild and they donate their proceeds to conservation associations.

Perfect to spruce up a new apartment with white walls, says I.

The Seychelles Sheath-Tailed Bat

The Panamanian Golden Frog

The Vancouver Island Marmot


Sweat + Sequin

Sweat Pants + Sequined Blazer = Lazy Perfection


Under the Sea

It's summer and that is awesome. Who wouldn't like to take it one step further by submersing yourself in the oceanic universe with photographer and explorer Anne Doubilet. After seeing these images, I want to sign up for SCUBA lessons immediately. Who's in?



Cure for the Summertime blues...

Karen Dalton makes me want to be driving down a dusty Texan road in a truck, in cut offs, smoking cigarettes with a dog in my backseat.

Summer has finally arrived.