This combines the two best things in the world.

Watch it NOWWWW

Happy Halloween!



Within ten years, telepathic response will be considered quite normal.

An Apparition is the supernormal manifestation of people, animals, objects, ghosts and spirits. Most apparitions are of living people or animals who are too distant to be perceived by the normal senses. Apparitions of the dead are also called Ghosts.

There are at least seven types of apparitions. To learn about them, haunted houses and excorcising an apparition from your body, read up.

Happy Halloweenie

I <3 Magazines

Magazine Lovers
New Hippie Starlight Surprise
Why Haven’t We Met?

I have never seen this magazine anywhere but according to their website it is awesome. transgenerational transnational counterculture. Sounds pretty radical to me, and they seem to have an affinity towards Devendra and it also seems that we do too. I hope to find a copy soon.

"There is no other periodical I look more forward to arriving than the new Arthur."Rick Rubin
"Arthur re-awakens the vigilante in me."Miranda July
"Arthur is really something singular and much-needed."Dave Eggers

And if that’s not enough (all you Dave Eggers hippy haters) you get a free CD when you Subscribe full of hippy music. Yay for flowers!


Cash Money Rules Everything Around Me

Meter reading: 10 October 27-November 2: Everything looks auspicious for you, Leo. You've worked very hard to make something succeed - and you've done it. You may feel almost too exhausted to fully grasp the enormity of what you've accomplished, but in time, you'll feel almost humbled by what you and your friends and colleagues have been able to do. By the end of the weekend, the verdict is already in, even though it's not 'official.' You and your group will reshape, remodel and rehabilitate a system or reputation that has seen better days. CONGRATULATIONS ahead of time! Weekly touchstones: Ammonite, Tigers Eye.

My horoscope today tells tales of success to come. I’m pretty sure that I should interpret this as:

Your blog is awesome and so many rich and famous people will be reading it by the weekend and calling you with book deals and endorsement offers. Rest easy because your genius will not be overlooked.


Cold tiles on my feet
My scarf fails to shield me
Toasty sweatpants dreams

This weather makes it really hard to try and look cute. When I am shivering in the shower all I can possibly imagine putting on is this:

... I am hoping to make it a uniform probably until MAY.

Luckily just in time for shlump season pegleg has made ladies clothes! I am very excited by their patterned leggings and might quit my job so that I can actually never take them off.

See you in the Spring…

Listen + Learn: Shabop Shalom

This song makes me feel
happy, thanks Devendra dear, (p.s.) your
make up looks pretty

Shabop Shalom (mp3)

Our story begins on a sunday afternoon
Just between halfway tree and spanish town
Where a young boy
Not yet the cock o’ the walk that he would soon become,
Was lying on the grass and takin’ in the sweet and sensuous scent of hibiscus
That languidly lilted along the summer breeze

It was at this precise moment that he saw her.
Her walk was soft and delicate with a thaumaturgical touch
That only a rabbi’s daughter could have
Before their eyes had even met
Her luminous lips had already lured him in
Salvation winked with he promise of a briss held at pinnacle
And a congregation of sages bunny hopping and chicken dancing to yiddish mento

Then their eyes linked
An aeon blinked amharic vows were scryed upon their hearts
Just to think this could all be with a frenectomy and a few words of love.

My shabop shalom baby
Won’t you shabop shalom with me
Under the old banana tree
Whoa, whoa

My sweet telavivian lamb‘s bread
My heart can act as an emoliant
And you’ll never ever say
Get bent!

No, no
Todamama todamama
Todamama todamama

Todamama todamama
Todamama todamama

All the signals that i’m sendin i’ll keep sending
And on the constantillionth time
I’ll make you mine
Yes, i swear i will

Your sweet supple breasts are golden ghettos
Soft statues in stilettos
Two wise men instead of three

Blow a kiss just for me
I’m ever in a foul mood
I’ve gotta see you in your talmud
And so happy in makes me

(who who who who who)

You wanna know who
Who wrote the book of jude?
She wants to know who
(who who who who who)
Who wrote the dead sea scrolls?
Well, i did, i did
Yes, i did, i did

I did, i did
I did, i did

Hexakosioi hexekonta hex phobia can be a fun ordeal
I swear by solomon’s seal

Honey, when it comes to love
There’s a fire in the deep bend of my heart
Givin’ me the heeby-geebys

You see
I know the land of wood and water is
Merely fooder for the loves slaughters
And darling, I’ve watched you cake walk to the immaculate conception
For far too long

Walls are wailing
I’m livicated to you
Ahaba raba
Ahaba raba for you

We’re in heaven
We’re in heaven, it’s true
I’m in ascending
I’m ascending tonight with you


In case you don't have the Facebook

F to the yeah bitch
Knife yielding sculptural smash
Halloween is word

Our pumpkin carving party was a real success. Here are some highlights.

1. Max made hot beer (I didn’t like it but everyone else seemed to, or they are good liars)
2. I made cookies and a hard loaf of rice krispies treats
3. Lacey and Katie brought cigarettes and we smoked them all
4. Alisa and Jess brought themselves all the way to ridgewood!
5. Eddie and David brought up the male to female ratio….but brought down the pumpkin to people ratio.
6. Jesse and Annick brought knives and … creativity??
7. Roland and Leigh got there just in time for the photo op.

- photo cred to JC and Lacey Leigh N


Styled by Charlotte: Yelle


So I had the chance to dress Julie, lead singer of the amazing french pop group, Yelle, at their NYC Webster Hall show on Oct. 14th 2008. My fellow stylist, Ken Baldwin, is a good friend of their music video director, Yoann Lemoine, and had agreed to style her for the show. But as the date approached Ken realized he would be in Berlin and unable to be attend. Good news for me! I love Yelle! I had been spazzing out in my room to there music videos the night before Ken emailed me to see if I could fill in last minute. No way Jose! Ken had already chosen two looks from Ohne Title. This dress was the better option for Julie:

 All I had to do was pick up loads of tights options, the right undergarments and make sure the dress fit! Dream job! Only made more dreamy by how sweet Julie, Grand Marnier (drums) and Tepr (synth) were before the show.  The look came with 5 inch black ankle boots that were soon ruled out as Julie loves to dance and pump it song after song. She opted for her own pink classic Reeboks witch went well with the white sheer tights and all her dance moves. 

After she was dressed she got her fringe trimmed by Martin Harper Christopher and amazing orange and yellow eyes by makeup artist Mark Edio. She looked nutz and just in time to be 20m late on stage---perfect!

The dress looked amazing on her and she kept it on the whole show--almost (it was a knit and im sure it got real hot in there towards the end). She ran back stage before the encore to slip into a custom blue sequin number with white sequins shaping her face on the front. She would look wicked in anything (killer french bod) and has great style on and off the stage (think MIA, 80's workout gear,cassette playa, loads of color and comfort). 

Everything went smoothly and I had a great time back stage. After she changed I snuck out to beat the crowd and walked down town to get a drink with some friends. I thought of what my lesson learned might be:

"Better to dance all night than be tall"---lame!

"If your going to listen to super pop its always better in french"----what? i don't know if thats completely true.

ok hard up for my lesson---till next time take a look at some of Yelle's happy videos and dance!









Yelle's webby:


Fridays Suck the Life Out of Me

Fridays are a tease
Freedom ringing in your ear
Everyone wants out

David Shrigley says it best. But there is still hope!

"What is art, what is architecture, what is fashion?" he demanded when asked about the connection between Hadid's work and his own. "All those things, one should not put it in the same melting pot. Architecture is architecture, fashion is fashion, and art is art. We don't need art, but we cannot live without it." He seemed to have made his point, but then amended, thoughtfully, "Actually, architecture we need because otherwise we are freezing, and clothes we need because we cannot run around naked." - Karl Lagerfield


Donatella Versace on Election '08

"I hope Obama wins, so he can save the world. This is what we expect from him--not just to save America but the world. If he wins, the effect will be felt all over the world. I think he has something to say, which is interesting. On the contrary, the other party has nothing to say. And when they say something, it's not interesting at all. It's scary."

I'm on the Internet - I'm F* ing Famous


On Sunday after guiltily crossing the threshold of American Apparel my sister and I were approached by a very obviously shy and awkward reporter. She wanted to ask some questions about eye makeup and so we really hammed it up for her as only sisters do best. I had just come from the Avon Breast Cancer Walk so was not wearing any makeup, but low and behold our charm and wit obviously impressed her into thinking I had gorgeously lined eyes and made her feature us as her lead. But I must admit I lied… I actually usually wear black eyeliner. This drives home my previous statements that I will never go into American Apparel again; it always makes you look stupid!

http://www.myspace.com/ninjasonik Song: Internet Bitch


Tease No More

It's been too long since
Paula Abdul's spandex writhed
like Cold Hearted Snake

Her moves were fresh and her mind wasn't cracked.

My New Uniform

Cleopatra in
tights. Seriously people,
lets make this happen!

Sucker for a Good Love Song

Blonde big eyed beauty;
before the boobs and lipo
makes my knees get weak

Dolly Parton and Porter Wagner sing a cover of the soul song "Dark End of the Street" on their album Just the Two of Us, which I have been listening to for a while and just can not get enough of. Listen to it and you will ache for a secret love affair.

Dead Leaves, Dirty Ground

Fall, Fall, Fall, Fall, Fall
Dirty leaves and the dead ground
Snow is coming, too soon now.



p.s there will be some kinds of trix and treats.


Indian Summer

Sugar sweet tales at night
hint of indian summers
glimmer in star light

Blast Magazine

Short lived explosive,
Typography to inspire,
Rebel from the past

On a recent trip to the Met I saw this great exhibit on print making in England and Vorticism, the first major art movement started in Britiain in 1914. This magazine, BLAST, was the groups manifesto and is a really inspiring example of powerful typography and forthright rebellion. The founders of the movement wanted to distinguish themselves from their Victorian past and from the futurists as something new and fresh and powerful. In the times we live in, I was really inspired by their impenitent and audacious, take-no-shit tone.


My Holy Unicorn

If uni is eel-
Adding corn for the feel, a
Unicorn is for reel.


Last Nights Party

There's so much to say

But lets just keep it simple

ha ha ha ha ha


I would write my thoughts on the debate, but I will leave it to the pro's and american citizens


Jocking Us CMJ

CMJ is giving away free tickets for the best Haiku. Copy Cats!

All the Young Dudes