Cure for the Summertime blues...

Karen Dalton makes me want to be driving down a dusty Texan road in a truck, in cut offs, smoking cigarettes with a dog in my backseat.

Summer has finally arrived.


Brats do Phoenix

Song of the Summer + John Waters Orgy

Enjoy bb's!


I Can See Your Aura

Let's go aura readings then play with our crystals, Carlo at auramachine@gmail.com. Mine is purple.



i Photos



Animals are funny. The Selby has done some silly watercolors celebrating this seasons fashions, modelled by all sorts of cuddly species. Here are my faves. Check 'em out HERE.


Leave it to the Japanese....

I am shopping for a bath mat but I am stuck here at work, so naturally I am googling any and all houseware stores in Manhattan. I have walked by Muji many times and been interested by their minimilast and very Japanese aesthetic but never gone in, but their website is really killen' em...

I could easily blow a couple hundred on bento boxes alone after seeing this dainty demonstration.