Drunk and Genius

Has anyone seen these?

Drunk History on YouTube

This just in...

AHHHH... and I thought he was just a crazy grandpa. Turns out he is a REAL crazy grandpa. YUCKKYYY...



NYC Bike Graveyard

Good News Folks, I rescued my bike from a possible city auction or a fate even worse, destruction. It was quite a trip to the far North East point of Greenpoint, where only power facilities, trash dumps masquerading inside of buildings and abandoned warehouses live, but well worth it. I called literally 25 differend numbers in the city, but I succeeded in locating my 20 year old 10 speed and rode her on home.

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of where NYC bikes go to die:

This afterlife for city bikes is called Kingsland. File this in your brain in case the city ever steals your bike. You will need a lot number provided by your local police precinct just to gain entrance.

520 Kingsland Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222


Last Nights Party

This movie is hilarious.... watch it and love it.


Yikes Bikes

Lately in certain circles there has been a lot of bicycle talk (hi Gary and David!). It is getting nice out and thus a return to fresh airs and bike riding. My dream is to one day, when I live in a sick loft and create beautiful garments by day and eat ambrosia and drink Dom P by night, to have a bicycle to match every outfit. I would like to have an all black bicycle with a white bell for fancy outings ( I would wear a horse riding helmut with it of course), a good road bike for a long ride – like an ill Bianchi- and an all out awesome bike to impress the hipsters with.

I looked into this black bike of my dreams and like all dreams do it pointed to the Kaiser. Thanks Karl, send one with the clothes.

Chanel Bike !!!

Impressing the bike enthousiasts

this bike is just for horsing around

" everyone has a right to hop on a fixie and custom paint it and get a carbon front wheel and add a top-tube pad for extra cool points, then put on their hottest outfit to ride around in. It's the hipster version of an Escalade on 22's."