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Dear Friends and Readers of T//T--

Happy Post-Thanksgiving, hoping that you all ate some delicious food and spent a moment yesterday reflecting on how lucky we are. Despite the recent economic slaughter, there is much to be thankful for.

Here is what I gave thanks for (besides the obvious family, friends, health standards):

1. Lou Lou Calhoun, who is finally mellowing out and has a new friend, one Ms. Bruno Bones

2. 20% of all sale items at La Garconne (swoon) + other awesome sales on expensive clothes

3.Floral leggings stolen from my 80's closet, which have already induced the stink eye by my family

4. Need I even say it, Barack Obama . Here is hoping the Obama's pick a Chihuahua for their White House pet. Also, here is hoping he shuts it down as a president

Champagne dreams in 2009!


Don't feel bad for them

It happened last year around this time. I woke up early one morning so that I could buy some coffee before I went to work. I decided to drive down the street to Starbucks, because I really wanted to make the coffee at home and have some leisurely moments before work. I parked the car on the corner of Beacon Street. I got out of the car and headed into Starbucks, and there was a Turkey walking down the sidewalk. In that part of Boston there are a lot of wild turkeys that roam around in the Fall and so I wasn’t that surprised. I was in a silly mood and so I nodded to the Turkey, saying to myself “hey, what ya doin’ here turkey,” but he just stared back at me blankly and I went into Starbucks.

On my way out of the coffee shop the Turkey was still there almost like he was waiting for me to settle the score, almost as if he had heard me. I nodded politely and I started back to the car, but this Turkey wasn’t having any of it! He started walking swiftly up to my side stretching his long skinny legs. I became a little nervous and started walking faster but the Turkey was right on my tail. At the corner I was only about 10 feet from the car, so I started to run. This was my big mistake-that Turkey had long ass legs and he was right there with me and his gobbling was becoming frantic and menacing. Once I reached the car I realized I couldn’t stop or he was gonna get me and peck me to death so, I decided I would outsmart him. He was a Turkey after all. So, I ran a circle around the car, but he was smart and fast and he ran right after me. I did about three laps but he wasn’t giving up. I stopped and faced him and we eyed each other up and down. He was tall and his feathers were ruffled.

I only had a few moments to think and so I decided maybe he wanted my coffee, I threw the pound of coffee grinds at him and it hit with a thud. He just gave it a little peck but he wasn’t interested in coffee, he was interested in me. I was fucked and there was no one around to help me. I was cornered by the Turkey. I started to run around the car again, three more laps and still the Turkey didn’t falter. On the fourth lap I decided that I would run around from the front until I got to the door, open it as fast as possible, and hopefully I could block him with it as I jumped in. If this plan failed my life could end right here in a terrible turkey battle. I ran, grabbed the handle, swung open the door, and smoothly jumped into the driver’s seat. PHEW! A sigh of relief. The Turkey stared in through the window at me and pecked at my tires and window but I was safe at last. However, I still did not have the pound of coffee which this entire trip had been intended for. Luckily, the coffee was in close reach on the passenger side of the car, so I opened the door and reached my arm out cautiously to grab my coffee off the ground. With my coffee safely returned to me and my doors locked, I sat back in the driver’s seat and started laughing. I just got in a full on brawl with a fucking turkey.


In case you needed convincing...

One of our dearly beloved and devoted readers tipped me off to this article (Thanks Claire!). In case you happen to be from Brookline, or your hometown has an equally idiotic tradition, and you were thinking that maybe-just maybe-a yearly reunion could possibly end anything close to good, read on. If you already knew this would only conjure up bad memories of the Horrible Person you or others once were, then rest assured that you were correct in your beliefs.

P.S. don't google image search Dude Bra at work...



I bet this guy never hits the snooze button.

"I taste everything - fudge, nougat, Turkish delight - everything, I have 16 boxes of chocolates right next to me now - it is a temptation to keep eating them." -Darren Williams

Um…WHOA. If you don’t like your job maybe this is what you should aspire to be. This guy is basically the modern day Willy Wonka. What grad schools offer this kind of program?



Never Gonna Give You Up

Bust a gut.


The Epic Videos of Vampire Weekend

Although I'm not a Vampire Weekend kinda ho, their music videos make me want to quit my day job and head back to film school, take my clothes off and run around nekkid in Cape Cod or in a Wes Andersonian gray field. Actually, their videos mainly make me want to become a well dressed Ivy League sartorial shark and a dude... weird!

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

Oxford Comma


Galab wanaagsan

If you’re hoping to snag a pirate boyfriend chances are in this day and age Somalia might be the best place for you to go. Or worst, depending on how you look at it.

You can expect some
smooth talkers but that may come with a price (scan to bottom of linked page)

Obviously you’ll want to know a little about the culture you’re hoping to become a part of. Music and literature are a good place to start, cause you’re new Pirate boyfriend ain’t gonna want no American floozy with a head full of Britney and US Weekly.

Here’s some good
pick up lines , but don’t try shaking any hands with boys or you’ll look like a slut!
Assalam Alaikum (Peace be upon you)
Nabad miyaa (is their peace)
Subah wanaagsan (Good morning)
Galab wanaagsan (Good afternoon)
Habeeb wanaagsan (Good night)

Life of a Pirate Girlfriend

"Flush with cash, the pirates drive the biggest cars, run many of the town's businesses—like hotels—and throw the best parties, residents say. Fatuma Abdul Kadir said she went to a pirate wedding in July that lasted two days, with nonstop dancing and goat meat, and a band flown in from neighboring Djibouti. 'It was wonderful,' said Ms. Fatuma, 21. 'I'm now dating a pirate.'

I should like my very own pirate boyfriend, stealing for me on the high seas. He'll be called Flying Squad and be like a modern day Robin Hood on the sea, taking from the rich Saudi oil prices and giving to the poor, and maybe some golden gems for little old me. He could ring me up on his walkie talkee, take me out to dance for days in downtown Mogadishu and admonish me with guns, drugs and pirate sexy time.

Fresh Off the Plank

Move over Pirates of the Carribean…

"The Sirius Star is the biggest tanker ever hijacked, carrying a cargo of two million barrels of Saudi oil - worth more than $100m (£67m). Saudi's Prince Saud al-Faisal did not confirm whether a ransom was likely to be agreed, but said talks had begun. Meanwhile, the Indian navy says it has sunk a suspected pirate "mother ship". "– BBC.com

Princes and Pirates! The Pirates of the Gulf of Aden are certainly giving Disney a run for their money. This does leave me wondering though, in the modern world we live in; don’t pirates deserve a Style makeover? The hat and boots ensemble they have been sporting for the past 100 years is clearly seriously out of date.

“Whenever word comes out that pirates have taken yet another ship in the Somali region of Puntland, extraordinary things start to happen. …People put on ties and smart clothes. They arrive in land cruisers with their laptops, one saying he is the pirates' accountant, another that he is their chief negotiator.”- BBC.com

With your busy schedule and stressfull agenda you need an outifit that says I’m serious and I have demands! Hey Pirates... here’s my suggestion for a fresh new look:

* for those sunny days

* A modern look with a maritime feel

* Keep in simple, layers are best with your line of work

* keep the footwear classic

* pants add some flair

BIG IMPROVEMENT Get Your new look here


Dead men tell no tales

Stay Tuned...

My Home State is Better than Yours

Al Franken is the shit (click to watch the video), went to my school and used to come back and do sketch comedy for us. He is also super smart and deserves to win in the recount against soul-less Senator Norm Coleman (nee Goldman).

Oh and also, I didn't vote for Jesse Ventura (hello, I was in middle school) but I do have a signed autographed copy of his record from back in his WWF days. He is wearing a YELLOW BOA and a leotard, can you say that about any of your former governors? That's right, I thought not.

All Hail

I thought this was a pretty rad look into two of my favorite things, photography and the monarchy.

hint: its a video of Annie Leibovits shooting Queen Elizabeth in Buckingham Palace


I want! I Want! I Want!

this, it's purr-fect

young girls watch

Golden canopy
where howls scream of epic dreams
young girls watch the scene

One one thousand...

Last night I was having a really hard time falling asleep. Thoughts of beading and color ways were flooding my mind and keeping me awake. Sunday nights are always hard to adjust too. Usually when I can’t sleep I try to think of a black piece of paper and concentrate on it really hard, but when my mind is really jumpy I try to do the whole counting sheep classic… but then I start thinking of the little sheep tripping on the fence and high fiving when they finally get over and then I stay up for hours. Last night, I came up with a new technique… counting galloping white horses with fairy dust. It kind of worked but I wanted to see if the internets could conjure up some miracle cure. Since everyone has this problem now and again, obviously the methods are endless but here are some the most unlikely to work and some old standards.
  • “I wiggle one foot and think of white paper....sounds nuts I know but it really works!"

  • “try watching a movie while lying down comfortably with a blankie ,talk to someone boring on the phone, read a book, don’t drink any caffeine products at all after 7:00pm, take a soothing bath before you lye down.” ( I think this one is probably the best… everyone should have a boring friend to call when they can’t sleep)

  • “NYQUIL”

  • “read the bible. works for me!!!!!!!!!” ( I think it’s the excessive use of exclamation points that I like best about this one, this person is obvs so excited to read the bible they would never fall asleep)

  • listen to harry potter 1 on ur cd player

  • Alcohol.You'll feel dreadful in the morning, but you'll fall asleep quickly.

  • Talk to Kait or Kal-el on msn. Always works with me.

  • i usally put in a pinch of skoal for about 15 minutes before i go to bed. it relaxes me there for i fall asleep a little easier..goodluck

  • “Imagine yourself sinking into the mattress, Starting from the very tips of your toes. When you loosen all your muscles, it gives the effect that you're sinking in. In your mind, begin to "acknowledge" everything around you that all your senses are experiencing. For example: Say to yourself (not out loud), "I hear the clock ticking. I smell the lotion I just applied to my hands. I feel my legs' weight on the bed. I hear my spouse/partner breathing. I see different shades of black. I hear the dog barking in the distance. I hear myself in my own mind talking.", etc. This should help to clear your mind by slowly acknowledging everything and subsequently dismissing it. Stay on your back, sunk into the mattress until you feel it is time to roll into your desired position.”


Enjoy Little Birdies

Little Joy, "Keep Me In Mind"


ooh la la

not really sure what these images have in common, except for their overwhelming cuteness

let me go eat some salmon

Last night I went to see a Literary Death Match. I didn’t know what to expect, and was skeptical upon entering the Housing Works bookstore, but was pleasantly surprised. The writers were actually really good and funny. Usually, I hate poetry except for haiku’s, but this poet Tao Lin was definitely the best there... Here’s one of my favorites:

a poem written by a bear
let me go eat some salmon
why are there coke cans in the river
what if i wore a bullet proof vest during hunting season
i’m a bear; i walk in the forest and look at the river and the river is cold
i saw campers today and they ran away and i was alone and i destroyed their tent
let me go scratch my paw on a tree
let me go eat a salmon
last night i cried onto my salmon
the salmon was sad but it still wanted to live
it wanted to swim and be sad and i ate it under moonlight
i saw a moose scream the other day
it screamed quietly under a tree
i felt embarrassed and sad and i thought, ‘oh, no; oh god, oh my god’
sometimes i climb a tree and sit there and sing very quietly
sometimes i want to go to a shopping mall and chase the humans and claw them
i’ll ride the moose into the shopping mall and ram the humans
the moose and i will ride the escalator and i will hug the moose and the moose and i will cry
i will eat the moose
i don’t care
i will scream and throw the bubblegum machine from the second floor to the first floor
i felt compassion for the salmon and now i don’t care anymore
i’ll walk into a parking lot and chase a large human and hug the human and cry
i’ll walk into a house at night and push the humans off the bed
i’ll stare at the bed and i’ll feel fake

This is his blog:


And to fully understand the genius...

This is not a politics blog!*

I promise to stop
Relying on politics
To fill up my blog!

Life post-election doesn’t have to be boring. We may no longer have Palin’s mind boggling lack of intellect, or McCain’s yawn worthy public speaking skills to pepper our conversations-but fear not. Obama understands how much political humor has become what we base conversations around, and understands that though he has no quirky flaws, ultimately, we don’t know how to not make fun of our political leaders…so he threw us his chief-of-staff choice for fodder.


*this is not the Huffington Post


All 5 of You

Gigantic, quite large
thank you's to the five of you
who subscribe to T//T

we love you!!!
we do this all for you!!!


Politics Lesson

On my way to work today I was transferring at Union Square, which is a death trap, and was totally floored by a distinguished looking gentleman in a suit. After profusely apologizing to me, I was still ready to tear a piece off of him, until I noticed a remarkable American flag on his lapel. Turns out he was this really smart and famous politician. I decided that instead of walking away mad, I’d get even, so I made him answer a few of my questions about our nation’s future state over a cup of coffee. Of course he asked to remain anonymous as he is really big news in Washington. Here’s what I learned:

Me: What does the Chief of Staff do?
Anonymous Smart Guy: the Chief of Staff is basically the President's #1 bitch, except that when you're someone's bitch and that someone is the President, you are a very, very powerful bitch.

me: can i quote you on that- using your nom de plume?
Anonymous Smart Guy: He runs the day to day operations of the white house and oversees the white house staff, controls access to the president, and acts as an intermediary between the President and his other subordinates…you can do whatever you want but I really don't want my name tied to it please.

me: well what are your thoughts on his choice? Do you think Rahm is a good one?
Anonymous Smart Guy: I think he is an excellent choice. He's very smart, eats and breaths politics, works hard, white house and Congressional experience. It's actually hard to think of someone better qualified for the job

me: so overall you are impressed by the kind of administration Obama is putting together so far?
Anonymous Smart Guy: well they really haven't announced much in the way of personnel, but I like the guy in charge, Rahm is a good pick, and he [Obama] is surrounding himself w/ some very smart people. It seems there may be a phenomenon, like during JFK years, where the best and brightest want to be working for him in DC, rather than making billions at some private firms, b/c there is a sense that history is being made. There are some people out there who are so talented that can write their own ticket, and it's great to see that they view service to country as what they want to apply their talents too.

Thanks Dewd.

Lover, I Would Die For You

Down Under Lover
Presents Spring/Summer and I
have no words, no words


What was in their Mom's Breast Milk?



Some of you may have heard (its all over the blogs) that the man who was appointed by Obama as chief of staff * is Rahm Emmanuel, who is said to be the inspiration for a feisty character on The West Wing—the deputy chief-of-staff, Josh Lyman. I don’t watch any TV shows that have to do with lawyers or cops (The Wire my only exception), so I don’t know what this really means. However I do watch the highly intellectual and witty show Entourage. Ari’s character is apparently based on the intense Hollywood Agent Ari Emmanuel, which is none other than Rahm’s bro. I want to see their families reality TV show!


* = thanks Jake!!


Best love making I have ever seen!


I love David Attenborough! Sometimes and hear his voice in the back of my head when I wake up. I can only hope he was narrating my dream! But most likely it would be because I fall asleep to blue planet, planet earth and all his other BBC nature DVDs all the time.(like for years I have been doing this) (I think I own them all) This clip is by far one of the most amazing bonercosters I have every see or imagined!

TGIF: Hot Dogs Edition

May I suggest this delicious treat for Malia and Sascha's new pup?


Ladies Room

-phot cred. Jessica "cameraface" Chanen

Once when I was on the plane from Bolivia to Chile I was sitting in the window seat and this woman was sitting in the aisle seat. I really had to go to the bathroom…bad…so after much deliberation I politely and in my best, most well thought out Spanish, asked her to move for me. She had a baby in her arms that she was holding and she looked at me then down at her baby. Then she responded with a simple shoulder shrug “I just can’t move with the baby.” I was completely surprised and didn’t really know how to respond. I mean who the fuck doesn’t let you go to the bathroom on a plane because they're holding a baby? So, I gritted my teeth and sat in silence-listening to her stupid baby talk-for the rest of the flight. (Obviously cursing her and her baby in my head with every word I know.) Clearly I should have protested more, but my Spanish was in no way fit for fighting words. After blinking back tears for two hours, I finally got to pee.

The eighth annual World Toilet Summit and Expo is set to commence in Macau today. As a woman with a bladder--and probably at least 100 accounts of crying and near-pant-peeing experiences--I find this news extremely important and pertinent. While some of the keys issues to be discussed will include world wide sanitation issues, and new toilet designs, women’s representation will also hold major clout. “The first of these initiatives, "Potty Parity," is to be debated at the event, and will look to review and address the ratio of female to male cubicles in public toilets.”

I think they should also add airplane bathroom etiquette to their initiatives…among many other suggestions I can think of.


Down in the Hole

Ok. I am all for remixes and I really do love M.I.A, and would like to think she can do no wrong. However, my love and long term relationship with The Wire is probably a little more intense and binding, which makes it impossible for me to listen to this song and not expect 1 hour of pure, thrilling, edge of your seat, get-charged-and-political viewing pleasure. When that doesn’t follow, I am left feeling totally cheated. I want Omar back.

Today//Today get Teary Eyed


Now this is a country I will happily pay $675 dollars to join. Yay for OBAMA! Sign me up. P.S. Did you see the Rev. Al crying! What a night!

Application for Naturalization
$595 plus a biometrics fee of $80; the fee total is $675. Applicants 75 years of age or older are not charged a biometric fee; their fee total is $595. No fee is required for military applicants filing under Section 328 and 329 of the INA.
10/15/07, 07/30/07, 11/01/06, 05/31/01 can be used. No other editions accepted. For information pertaining to expiration dates, please see the "Special Instructions" section below.

What a Day, Today//Today

Libra Daily Horoscope:

For November 5: You feel far better this morning than you have in a while. For starters, you sense that you're making a vibrant fresh start that actually matters. You don't feel as vulnerable or invisible. You understand that hard work is an unavoidable part of the equation, but you expected that and are ready for it. The difference now is that your hard work will have more meaning and do more good. So roll up those sleeves and get busy. Things start to look, feel and sound better. It's definitely a new day - and it's been a long, hard time coming. What's left behind will soon be pushed out of view in order to make room for something so vital and positive that you can be an integral part of. And you are and will continue to be.

Yes We Can (and Did)

If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer.

Its the answer told by lines that stretched around schools and churches in numbers this nation has never seen; by people who waited three hours and four hours, many for the very first time in their lives, because they believed that this time must be different; that their voice could be that difference.

Its the answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled - Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been a collection of Red States and Blue States: we are, and always will be, the United States of America.

Its the answer that led those who have been told for so long by so many to be cynical, and fearful, and doubtful of what we can achieve to put their hands on the arc of history and bend it once more toward the hope of a better day.

Its been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America.

I just received a very gracious call from Senator McCain. He fought long and hard in this campaign, and hes fought even longer and harder for the country he loves. He has endured sacrifices for America that most of us cannot begin to imagine, and we are better off for the service rendered by this brave and selfless leader. I congratulate him and Governor Palin for all they have achieved, and I look forward to working with them to renew this nations promise in the months ahead.

I want to thank my partner in this journey, a man who campaigned from his heart and spoke for the men and women he grew up with on the streets of Scranton and rode with on that train home to Delaware, the Vice President-elect of the United States, Joe Biden.

I would not be standing here tonight without the unyielding support of my best friend for the last sixteen years, the rock of our family and the love of my life, our nations next First Lady, Michelle Obama. Sasha and Malia, I love you both so much, and you have earned the new puppy thats coming with us to the White House. And while shes no longer with us, I know my grandmother is watching, along with the family that made me who I am. I miss them tonight, and know that my debt to them is beyond measure.

To my campaign manager David Plouffe, my chief strategist David Axelrod, and the best campaign team ever assembled in the history of politics - you made this happen, and I am forever grateful for what youve sacrificed to get it done.

But above all, I will never forget who this victory truly belongs to - it belongs to you.

I was never the likeliest candidate for this office. We didnt start with much money or many endorsements. Our campaign was not hatched in the halls of Washington - it began in the backyards of Des Moines and the living rooms of Concord and the front porches of Charleston.

It was built by working men and women who dug into what little savings they had to give five dollars and ten dollars and twenty dollars to this cause. It grew strength from the young people who rejected the myth of their generations apathy; who left their homes and their families for jobs that offered little pay and less sleep; from the not-so-young people who braved the bitter cold and scorching heat to knock on the doors of perfect strangers; from the millions of Americans who volunteered, and organized, and proved that more than two centuries later, a government of the people, by the people and for the people has not perished from this Earth. This is your victory.

I know you didnt do this just to win an election and I know you didnt do it for me. You did it because you understand the enormity of the task that lies ahead. For even as we celebrate tonight, we know the challenges that tomorrow will bring are the greatest of our lifetime - two wars, a planet in peril, the worst financial crisis in a century. Even as we stand here tonight, we know there are brave Americans waking up in the deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan to risk their lives for us. There are mothers and fathers who will lie awake after their children fall asleep and wonder how theyll make the mortgage, or pay their doctors bills, or save enough for college. There is new energy to harness and new jobs to be created; new schools to build and threats to meet and alliances to repair.

The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even one term, but America - I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. I promise you - we as a people will get there.

There will be setbacks and false starts. There are many who wont agree with every decision or policy I make as President, and we know that government cant solve every problem. But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face. I will listen to you, especially when we disagree. And above all, I will ask you join in the work of remaking this nation the only way its been done in America for two-hundred and twenty-one years - block by block, brick by brick, calloused hand by calloused hand.

What began twenty-one months ago in the depths of winter must not end on this autumn night. This victory alone is not the change we seek - it is only the chance for us to make that change. And that cannot happen if we go back to the way things were. It cannot happen without you.

So let us summon a new spirit of patriotism; of service and responsibility where each of us resolves to pitch in and work harder and look after not only ourselves, but each other. Let us remember that if this financial crisis taught us anything, its that we cannot have a thriving Wall Street while Main Street suffers - in this country, we rise or fall as one nation; as one people.

Let us resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long. Let us remember that it was a man from this state who first carried the banner of the Republican Party to the White House - a party founded on the values of self-reliance, individual liberty, and national unity. Those are values we all share, and while the Democratic Party has won a great victory tonight, we do so with a measure of humility and determination to heal the divides that have held back our progress. As Lincoln said to a nation far more divided than ours, We are not enemies, but friends...though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. And to those Americans whose support I have yet to earn - I may not have won your vote, but I hear your voices, I need your help, and I will be your President too.

And to all those watching tonight from beyond our shores, from parliaments and palaces to those who are huddled around radios in the forgotten corners of our world - our stories are singular, but our destiny is shared, and a new dawn of American leadership is at hand. To those who would tear this world down - we will defeat you. To those who seek peace and security - we support you. And to all those who have wondered if Americas beacon still burns as bright - tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from our the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity, and unyielding hope.

For that is the true genius of America - that America can change. Our union can be perfected. And what we have already achieved gives us hope for what we can and must achieve tomorrow.

This election had many firsts and many stories that will be told for generations. But one thats on my mind tonight is about a woman who cast her ballot in Atlanta. Shes a lot like the millions of others who stood in line to make their voice heard in this election except for one thing - Ann Nixon Cooper is 106 years old.

She was born just a generation past slavery; a time when there were no cars on the road or planes in the sky; when someone like her couldnt vote for two reasons - because she was a woman and because of the color of her skin.

And tonight, I think about all that shes seen throughout her century in America - the heartache and the hope; the struggle and the progress; the times we were told that we cant, and the people who pressed on with that American creed: Yes we can.

At a time when womens voices were silenced and their hopes dismissed, she lived to see them stand up and speak out and reach for the ballot. Yes we can.

When there was despair in the dust bowl and depression across the land, she saw a nation conquer fear itself with a New Deal, new jobs and a new sense of common purpose. Yes we can.

When the bombs fell on our harbor and tyranny threatened the world, she was there to witness a generation rise to greatness and a democracy was saved. Yes we can.

She was there for the buses in Montgomery, the hoses in Birmingham, a bridge in Selma, and a preacher from Atlanta who told a people that We Shall Overcome. Yes we can.

A man touched down on the moon, a wall came down in Berlin, a world was connected by our own science and imagination. And this year, in this election, she touched her finger to a screen, and cast her vote, because after 106 years in America, through the best of times and the darkest of hours, she knows how America can change. Yes we can.

America, we have come so far. We have seen so much. But there is so much more to do. So tonight, let us ask ourselves - if our children should live to see the next century; if my daughters should be so lucky to live as long as Ann Nixon Cooper, what change will they see? What progress will we have made?

This is our chance to answer that call. This is our moment. This is our time - to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace; to reclaim the American Dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth - that out of many, we are one; that while we breathe, we hope, and where we are met with cynicism, and doubt, and those who tell us that we cant, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people:

Yes We Can. Thank you, God bless you, and may God Bless the United States of America.


How Could You Not

Today is the day
We can all finally say
President Barack!

GoBama GoBama GoBama Go

Two staffers had just passed this site and done two pull-ups. Not to be outdone, Obama did three with ease, dropped and walked out to make a speech. Missoula, Mont., 4/5/2008.

Only the strong survive, waiting patiently for the biggest news to drop.

President Obama