I want what i can't find

For the Fall I have been on a mission for a new pair of shoes that are not sneakers. I have boots from last year that are still good but one cannot wear boots everyday! My criteria are seemingly quite simple, but I find the stores are overwhelmed with all the same shit. This is what I want:

1) Comfort, because I live in New York and walk everywhere
2) Looks are important-so cute-and not hybrid weirdo shoes like Merrill’s and those foam thingy’s.
3) Something not everyone in the world will be wearing
4) I am broke, so they must be cheap!

This is what I keep finding EVRYWHERE:

1) Black patent leather loafers (cute but not when everyone has them already; see criteria 3 above)
2) Ankle boots with a heel (which obviously get knocked out by criteria 1 above)
3) Riding boots ( which I already have and don’t need another pair)
4) Ballet Flats ( always classic but no arch support)

Best I have found yet? Cute or Ugly, I can't decide... and they're not cheap!

I want something new and exciting, a shoe that can be worn with dresses and pants. A Classic- but Vintage always means uncomfortable in my experience. Is it impossible to get interesting shoes without spending a lot of $$$$. So far this is the best I have found, but overall I think the shoe market is really boring this season.

Any suggestions?

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