Music for Fall

So far for the Fall I'm looking forward to looking backwards.  I've been discovering and rediscovering a lot of old stuff.  Os Mutantes hail from Brazil with a sound that embodies Tropicalia and Psychedlic Rock.  Everything is Possible their Best of Album will surely have me dreaming of Caipirinhas on the beach when the leaves start to fall.

Outkast has always been a love of mine, but after a few years of limited play in my headphones, their music is as fresh as always.  I am especially looking forward to my rediscovery of "Jazzy Belle" off ATLiens.  But I will be putting all of their albums on heavy rotation.  I'm also thinking of rocking some Nike Air Max while listening to said albums and bringing back some long dormant hip-hop into my life.

Jonathan Richman is someone I'm just discovering though he's been making music since the 70's and has been referred to by some as "Godfather of Punk."  Hailing from my own hometown of Boston really grounds me in his lyrics and brings me back to my roots.  Surrender to Jonathan-released in 1996-is what I've been listening to for now, but I look forward to other lyrical magic Richman can offer me.

  Fall for me is filled with a melancholy serenity and when I am feeling super self indulgent I like to listen to some really nice folk music and sit in pajamas all day long. When this perfect fall day arrives I will be listening to Vashti Bunyan.  Both Just Another Diamond Day  and Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind are filled with beautiful melodies to drag your feet to.

Overall it looks like my Autumn is going to be all over the place.  I'm going to be gettin' down on the train in my Nikes and then returning home to put on my finest vintage lace and stare wistfully out the window.  I can't wait!

1. "ATLiens" Outkast
2. "Best of Os Mutantes: Everything is Possible" Os Mutantes
3. "Surrender to Jonathan" Jonathan Richman
4. "Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind" Vashti Bunyan

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