Style Inspiration: Pam Anderson

You know when you have those days when are getting dressed in the half dark haze of a 40oz buzz and the look you hope to achieve for the day is something comfortable (no pants) and sexy (no pants), where all of the pieces multiply to something that in your head, you deem brilliant?

If that be the case, enter muse Pamela Anderson, queen of the shit show. Klassy Pam wore this over the weekend at Art Basel Miami Beach. Sexy, refined, kaleidescopic.

To me, Pam has this Bardot-like je ne sais quoi about her, which I became alerted to after seeing the photos of her wedding to rock legend Kid Rock in St. Tropez. Here is a piece of trailer park gold for your Monday, let the good times roll.

Till Death do Us Part (or till we sober up)

Ships Ahoy

The look of love

What Pamela offers for inspiration is that it doesn't matter what you wear or what people think, as long as you are hot. Seriously, that's all.

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