Pirates Are Awesome, an Update

Just to let you all know, our dear friends, the Somali Pirates have had a pretty good year. Despite an international economic meltown, the pirates are making boatloads of cash, not credit and are making it rain with benjamins in da clubs of Boosasso, Somalia. According to the International Maritime Bureau 42 ships have been hijacked and Somali pirates have pocketed $30 million in ransoms.

Not bad!

"Is there any Somali who can earn a million dollars for any business? We get millions of dollars easily for one attack," Jama, who described himself as a high-ranking member of a group based in Eyl, has earned $375,000 as a pirate, enough to buy a Toyota Land Cruiser and to begin building a six-bedroom house in Garowe, the regional capital, for his family.

His biggest payday came last month, when he earned a $92,000 share of a $1.3 million ransom for a Greek ship, the MV Centauri, which was released after 10 weeks with its crew unharmed.

Almost overnight, Jama said, his standing with the fairer sex has improved dramatically.

Seriously now, quit your jobs and become a pirate, it is the only sector within our economy expecting growth in the first quarter of '09.

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peter said...

Yes, but did you know that they are UNABLE TO SWIM?