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F to the yeah bitch
Knife yielding sculptural smash
Halloween is word

Our pumpkin carving party was a real success. Here are some highlights.

1. Max made hot beer (I didn’t like it but everyone else seemed to, or they are good liars)
2. I made cookies and a hard loaf of rice krispies treats
3. Lacey and Katie brought cigarettes and we smoked them all
4. Alisa and Jess brought themselves all the way to ridgewood!
5. Eddie and David brought up the male to female ratio….but brought down the pumpkin to people ratio.
6. Jesse and Annick brought knives and … creativity??
7. Roland and Leigh got there just in time for the photo op.

- photo cred to JC and Lacey Leigh N

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Alexis de Burritoville said...

Um great pictures, just phenomenal, but I would like to add since both Lacey and Jess are in one of the pictures I do believe I get some credit for a truly inspired photo.

I must say that I had so much dern fun that when I got home I took a hot shower and cried.