Cash Money Rules Everything Around Me

Meter reading: 10 October 27-November 2: Everything looks auspicious for you, Leo. You've worked very hard to make something succeed - and you've done it. You may feel almost too exhausted to fully grasp the enormity of what you've accomplished, but in time, you'll feel almost humbled by what you and your friends and colleagues have been able to do. By the end of the weekend, the verdict is already in, even though it's not 'official.' You and your group will reshape, remodel and rehabilitate a system or reputation that has seen better days. CONGRATULATIONS ahead of time! Weekly touchstones: Ammonite, Tigers Eye.

My horoscope today tells tales of success to come. I’m pretty sure that I should interpret this as:

Your blog is awesome and so many rich and famous people will be reading it by the weekend and calling you with book deals and endorsement offers. Rest easy because your genius will not be overlooked.

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