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So I had the chance to dress Julie, lead singer of the amazing french pop group, Yelle, at their NYC Webster Hall show on Oct. 14th 2008. My fellow stylist, Ken Baldwin, is a good friend of their music video director, Yoann Lemoine, and had agreed to style her for the show. But as the date approached Ken realized he would be in Berlin and unable to be attend. Good news for me! I love Yelle! I had been spazzing out in my room to there music videos the night before Ken emailed me to see if I could fill in last minute. No way Jose! Ken had already chosen two looks from Ohne Title. This dress was the better option for Julie:

 All I had to do was pick up loads of tights options, the right undergarments and make sure the dress fit! Dream job! Only made more dreamy by how sweet Julie, Grand Marnier (drums) and Tepr (synth) were before the show.  The look came with 5 inch black ankle boots that were soon ruled out as Julie loves to dance and pump it song after song. She opted for her own pink classic Reeboks witch went well with the white sheer tights and all her dance moves. 

After she was dressed she got her fringe trimmed by Martin Harper Christopher and amazing orange and yellow eyes by makeup artist Mark Edio. She looked nutz and just in time to be 20m late on stage---perfect!

The dress looked amazing on her and she kept it on the whole show--almost (it was a knit and im sure it got real hot in there towards the end). She ran back stage before the encore to slip into a custom blue sequin number with white sequins shaping her face on the front. She would look wicked in anything (killer french bod) and has great style on and off the stage (think MIA, 80's workout gear,cassette playa, loads of color and comfort). 

Everything went smoothly and I had a great time back stage. After she changed I snuck out to beat the crowd and walked down town to get a drink with some friends. I thought of what my lesson learned might be:

"Better to dance all night than be tall"---lame!

"If your going to listen to super pop its always better in french"----what? i don't know if thats completely true.

ok hard up for my lesson---till next time take a look at some of Yelle's happy videos and dance!









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