Fridays Suck the Life Out of Me

Fridays are a tease
Freedom ringing in your ear
Everyone wants out

David Shrigley says it best. But there is still hope!

"What is art, what is architecture, what is fashion?" he demanded when asked about the connection between Hadid's work and his own. "All those things, one should not put it in the same melting pot. Architecture is architecture, fashion is fashion, and art is art. We don't need art, but we cannot live without it." He seemed to have made his point, but then amended, thoughtfully, "Actually, architecture we need because otherwise we are freezing, and clothes we need because we cannot run around naked." - Karl Lagerfield


Tripple O.G. said...

i am impressed thus far.

Alexis de Burritoville said...

Fridays can be a very sad thing, but don't forget the weekends only two shitty days and then its MONDAY!!!