I'll Bet This Will Be a Hit With the Ladies

Hey! Hey hey hey hey hey! Isn't this AWESOME? Wouldn't you feel SO SEXY if the dude you were making out with stopped you halfway through and was like, "baby, I like what you're doing, but, uh, the teeth have to go. But here, I have this."

It's a mouthguard! With a vibrating bullet! And cherry-flavored lube!

This makes me want to hit my forehead so hard that I'd crush my frontal lobe. Then at least I wouldn't have to think about crap like this any more.

Best part: the copy on the front page of the site linked above says "Meet your relationship's new best friend."


cameraface said...

i think its for teeth free bj's

The Re-Animator said...

Dude yeah I know. Would YOU use one?

Nimble fingers said...

whoa, whoa, whoa. Cherry flavored lube. Barf city.

claire said...

this blog just got interesting. less about fashion week and more about bjs and barf city. thanks today // today.

cameraface said...

you're welcome claire, our #1 reader--we do this for you!