Dear February,

Yesterday you really teased me reminding me of the joyful moments one can experience when the weather is kind of nice. The sunshine was bright and I immediately remembered I once lunched in Bryant Park , and that I once enjoyed life. But alas, you have just arrived and already you are stomping on my heart with your cold and icy winds. You suck! A lot! I really wish you would leave and let the spring time return to me. You are standing firmly between me and June. You are ugly, you are grey, and you are mean. You are abusive. You slap me in the face with icy winds and you bring sickness wherever you go. Please just leave me alone, I want to wear dresses!


p.s. valentines Day is stupid.


Jessica said...

word is bond
p.p.s my valentines day party is going to rule!

The Re-Animator said...

Oh man I want to kick Valentine's Day in the goddamn nuts.

cameraface said...

re-animator, don't kick it in the nuts. come to my party instead.