Road Trip

On Saturday I took a little trip up north to the town of Beacon, NY to view the collection at Dia:Beacon. I have wanted to go for a while and it was well worth the trip.

The Metro North stop is basically right outside the museum and Main Street, which is pretty much the only commercial street is a short walk. I drove, but if you suckas don’t have a car it is walkable/bikeable if you wanna make a day of it.

The museum is an ex box factory and the rooms are huge and all lit exclusively by natural light. Some features include: Sol Lewitt drawings that are AMAZING, a room lined by Warhol’s shadow paintings, some huge Serra sculptures and my favorite were these wooden Donald Judd boxes.

For lunch, we selected BJ’s BBQ. Best cornbread in the world! But I don’t recommend the yams, too sweet for my liking.*

Any Who….Five stars to the town of Beacon.


Anonymous said...

"But the people there were so nice and are living in a decade far far away from the one I know ( I don't think they would even know what a computer is.)"

What an absolutely insulting sentence directed at someone who served you and treated you well...

Any Who...One star to the Bougie out of towner...

Nimble fingers said...


Feel free to criticize as I was criticizing my own prejudices towards BBQ in this post, and my quick judgment of what turned out to be a great experience. I believe you misunderstood my "I don't even think they would know what a computer is" as a judgment on their intellect or something which was actually admiration for the pace of life they seem- to my brief experience there- to be living. This was sarcastic, which if you have read any other post you would hopefully understand. Sorry if you misunderstood, and i agree I was being a total bougie brat, this is the lesson i learned while there... to suspend judgment.

absolutely insulting seems a little bit extreme!