Gardeners Corner

It might still be cold out, but spring is in the air. This past weekend after a little time in the country I was inspired to get some green space back in my life. I climbed out my window down to my little garden and dusted off the ol’ digging trowel. I planted some pansies in a flower box and raked up some old dead leaves.

In NYC the average last frost is late April which is when most spring planting should start.

I am a real novice gardener but here’s a good site with some tips on how to get started:

I bought the real shady mix, mostly because the package was soooo cute. Also, I have a real shady garden in a glorified alley way. A while back my mom suggested I start a cool, young and funky (you know how moms love that word) Marth Stewart blog... mom i hope you're proud.

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claire said...

your mom HAS been wanting to take down Martha Sterwert for a while. Now she is using you in her plot to destroy the martha empire.