A woman in Maryland made headlines recently when she was admitted to the hospital with some nasty injuries in her nether regions (yes, those nether regions). Apparently, she and her boyfriend (here I am actually inferring, but I HATE to use the term partner) were experimenting with a homemade version of what is technically known as a Fucking Machine. The device, which was constructed from a reciprocating saw (^^^) seems to have had a glaring design flaw which required the dildo to be placed over the saw blade. One thing led to another, the teeth of the saw broke through the fake dong, and this young woman had to go to the hospital. Because she got cut by a saw in her vagina. Imagine explaining that to the doctor. And the police. And your parents.

Clearly, these two should have just invested in the FuckSall Fucking Kit. It would have saved them a lot of..."heartbreak."

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