Why Didn't We Think of This

NYU has closed down a pot smoking haven in Hayden Hall that students named "Narnia." The pot head freshman decorated their den of delights with christmas lights, a set of bongos, a 32-inch plasma television, an Xbox 360, and more than a dozen games.

A virgin pot smoker told the NYU paper “I’ve learned a lot about life through marijuana and Narnia has facilitated my marijuana usage."

As an alumni of NYU, I am pleased to hear about the formality of such a place. As a freshman in Hayden Hall, the closest thing to Narnia that we had (or so I'v heard) was going across the hall to buy adderal from Jim, the student farmacist, where in the same room exactly a year later, a student cocaine ring was busted. You could also go into literally any room on the 3rd, 6th or 15th floors between 12pm and 4am to get high. Good work kids and a word of advice: next time, don't start a facebook group, twitter or blogspot for your 4:20 shenanigans.

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