When You're Gold

Great Minds think alike, especially when it comes to stylish bicycle safety. Karl Lagerfeld debuted adorned bicycle helmets, which I can't help but cry Genius! (and also We Were Robbed!)

In the depths of January, Today//Today showed a customized bike helmet that some fabulous French trend spotter must have found and marched the image promptly over to the Keiser, who desperate to find a new luxury item to parade down his runway, cried Mon Diue! and copied us on the spot.

Since we are so generous with our creativity, we shall refrain from filing a copyright infringement case in the French courts (such claims take years to resolve), we would however insist that as compensation, Lagerfeld sends us a year of Chanel to outfit supplement our wardrobes. Parcels can be sent to our corporate offices and we will forget Uncle Karl's little adventure in plagarism without further adieu.


Nimble fingers said...

ps karl... im probably like a 6 in chanel!

Amanda said...

well played cameraface... can karl also design me a custom made helmet with a retractable umbrella so i will never get caught biking in the middle of a torrential downpour again?

it really does make for quite the unintentional bad hair day at the office!