Life of a Pirate Girlfriend

"Flush with cash, the pirates drive the biggest cars, run many of the town's businesses—like hotels—and throw the best parties, residents say. Fatuma Abdul Kadir said she went to a pirate wedding in July that lasted two days, with nonstop dancing and goat meat, and a band flown in from neighboring Djibouti. 'It was wonderful,' said Ms. Fatuma, 21. 'I'm now dating a pirate.'

I should like my very own pirate boyfriend, stealing for me on the high seas. He'll be called Flying Squad and be like a modern day Robin Hood on the sea, taking from the rich Saudi oil prices and giving to the poor, and maybe some golden gems for little old me. He could ring me up on his walkie talkee, take me out to dance for days in downtown Mogadishu and admonish me with guns, drugs and pirate sexy time.


JJ said...

My name is JJ and I'm a swashbuckling New Englander on my way to Somalia to get in on this free=for-all booty call. I plan to set myself up as a marauding muslim holy man just the way my idol Josiah Marian did it in Afghanistan. Look for me on the BBC atop some captured merchant vessel soon. I'll be the pirate flying the Boston Celtics gear.

pleasureseeker said...

non stop.... goat meat.