Fresh Off the Plank

Move over Pirates of the Carribean…

"The Sirius Star is the biggest tanker ever hijacked, carrying a cargo of two million barrels of Saudi oil - worth more than $100m (£67m). Saudi's Prince Saud al-Faisal did not confirm whether a ransom was likely to be agreed, but said talks had begun. Meanwhile, the Indian navy says it has sunk a suspected pirate "mother ship". "– BBC.com

Princes and Pirates! The Pirates of the Gulf of Aden are certainly giving Disney a run for their money. This does leave me wondering though, in the modern world we live in; don’t pirates deserve a Style makeover? The hat and boots ensemble they have been sporting for the past 100 years is clearly seriously out of date.

“Whenever word comes out that pirates have taken yet another ship in the Somali region of Puntland, extraordinary things start to happen. …People put on ties and smart clothes. They arrive in land cruisers with their laptops, one saying he is the pirates' accountant, another that he is their chief negotiator.”- BBC.com

With your busy schedule and stressfull agenda you need an outifit that says I’m serious and I have demands! Hey Pirates... here’s my suggestion for a fresh new look:

* for those sunny days

* A modern look with a maritime feel

* Keep in simple, layers are best with your line of work

* keep the footwear classic

* pants add some flair

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claire said...

i lost you at those pants but i do like that hat, and i am NO hat person