Cultural Delights

Photo by Ana Armendariz

With all the hype around Animal Collectives new CD, I wanted to share this little interview with Panda Bear done by some friends I made while in Argentina. Juan, the editor of this online magazine started in print with a magazine called Sede which was really beautiful, based on the zine concept. Its delicate design, writing, and art all created this feeling that I can only describe as quintessentially Argentine. With all the expenses of print he is experimenting with an online format- named Molde-which is equally as beautiful. Though generally a difficult transition to make he did it flawlessly and I think his online mag is a huge success.

It’s in Spanish, but at least you can enjoy the pictures!


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o my gawd, lacey thank you thank you thank you! where were these kids at all of the bar mitzfahs i went too (im not jewish so sorry for the mispelling)