I Fell in Love with a Baked Potato

D, your awesome trailer for Old Joy reminds me of a supremely excellent film I have subjected you to (against your will) Bongwater. Straight outta the 90's, all of today's has been actors get weird in the Northwest. Everyone from Andy Dick to Alicia Witt, Jeremy Sisto (Elton from Clueless) and Jamie Kennedy spark it up in this truly bizarre stoner flick. In the scene above, former hottie Luke Wilson and Brittany Murphey take a hike in the woods to meet up with weed farmer/court jester Jack Black. They all take acid and the original Brit Brit goes bananas. What a weirdo! I highly recommend Netflixing this to cure the winter bores.

SPOILER ALERT Aliens abduct everyone at the end.

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