El Prado Getting all Virtual in Google Earth

So, it is apparently now possible to visit the Prado without having to undertake the tedium of foreign travel. Or, indeed, of even having to leave your house. Or get dressed. It's not like you ever wanted to go to Spain anyway, right?

Kidding aside, I'm pretty psyched on this. All you need is Google Earth and you can view gorgeous, high resolution digital images of most (all? I don't even know (the answer is 14)) of the paintings in the Prado's collection. I'm talking like 17 GIGApixels of resolution! That's so high I don't even remember what giga means*! The video may be a little boring, unless you're into like workflow porn or digital retouching porn or old crackled paint porn, but it's pretty cool to see them going through the whole process.

*That is a lie. Of course I remember what giga means. I am, after all, a professional.

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