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My thing about going to the gym is that I leave my bracelets on, and I put on my makeup the way I would do it in real life, and I wear cute clothes, because if I don't feel good when I leave the house, then I'm not motivated to do it. I need to like how I look while I'm doing it.

Taylor Momson aka Jenni Humphreys

As dumb as this sounds, I agree with Taylor/Jenni about liking what you wear when you work out. I just found this adorable athletic attire* website Hari and I want all of these outfits as I'm doing my jazz pilates DVD by my favorite new fitness personality (and Gwyneth's) Tracy "Jazz Arm" Anderson.

*I get cold sweats just writing that

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j said...

I usually wear old t-shirts from high school. my favorite is the one from the band my life with the thrill kill kult that reads "kooler than jesus" on the back and is 2 sizes too big. this might explain why i don't meet guys at the gym.