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Gem o' the day: Rose Quartz - the stone of love

Rose quartz is said to balance the emotions, thus giving inner peace and harmony, and to enhance one's sensitivity to beauty, art and music. It is also said to calm aggression and resentment while increasing self-esteem and self-confidence, and to enhance one's compassion, patience and forgiveness.
It is said to enhance your capacity to love others and yourself.

Rose quartz is said to help treat depression and to assist in weight loss.
Rose quartz is also said to aid the proper functioning of the kidneys, adrenals, genitals, liver, lungs and heart, and to increase fertility and protect against radiation.

Where to get it:

Rock Star Crystal Warehouse - Manhattan150 West 28th Street (Between 6-7 Ave. - 2nd Floor)Phone: 212- 675-3065

Brooklyn Store "Stoned" in Park Slope82 Fifth Avenue (Between St. Marks and Prospect)Phone: 718-789-0595

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