Anita Pallenberg

Some days, I want to be Anita Pallenberg, long time paramour of Keith Richards, expert in the occult and black magic, 60's rock goddes and most stylish woman in the world who Kate Moss steals from constantly and with mad love. I mean, look at her hair! Her life was glamorous and grimy, live fast and only think about the moment. There was the requisite very nasty drug addiction, which I could do without of course. I love the way Anita lived and how she traveled in so much fur. Have you seen Performance? Anita + a young Mick Jagger in his most beautiful youth-that boy, always a looker. It's INSANE. You should see it. Take a peek and enjoy this rainy day dream with me.


Anita, Keith and Marlon (their son)

Anita, Keith, Mick and Marianne Faithful


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