Taco Time

If you asked a ten year old me what my favorite food was I would have immediately replied Tacos. I still hold firm with this answer, however my idea of a taco has changed immensely over the years. Being Canadian, and raised anywhere but Mexico, I am not an authentic authority. The affair began with a love of Old El Paso seasoning and ground beef but has developed along with the popularity of Mexican street food here in NYC. My friends from LA will probably think I have no right to talk about tacos…. Blah, blah, blah. I just want to share my obsession with you! Please join me in my quest to understand the taco! I have in no way been to every taco place in NY so please share with me what I am missing out on. I will be making June my own personal taco month… you can expect haiku’s and photos and weight gain. Do you think I can do 30 days of tacos???

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My Top 5 NYC

#1 Pinche- Pescado yum yum yum
#2 La Superior- Cochinita Pibil, Lengua, Carne Asada
#3 Taco truck at Myrtle y Wyckoff- Helllls yeah I prefer pollo
#4 Saragosa Mexican Deli-Grocery- Ave A and 13th
#5 I guess I’d say La Esquina…. But I’m hoping someone will blow my mind so I can delete this from the list.

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Boston- hi Claire!

#1 Annas Taqueria
* Boston readers I need some help here… we must have good tacos in Boston…I just don’t know.

Someone from LA….

Please enlighten me and make a map…


claire said...

no way you do 30 tacos in 30 days. your healthy little self will cave and eat a salad!

Nimble fingers said...

I know claire... you are probably right. But i will trya nd eat at least 1 taco a week. and I will totally obnoziously post pictures of each one.