Sandal Mania

I recently received a somehwat confusing email about this line of shoes that was starting up, but not yet available with a link to the website. The shoes, by a line called Marais, were very simple and chic and kind of what I think most girls are looking for these days. The amazing thing is the prices! They are under $100.00!?!?!? So then today I get an email that now the shoes are up and available for sale, and the website features little videos and snap shots of the designers and models playing in the park. It's all very cute.... just way too cute!

Also the tone of the descriptions seem really honest, like they're your old pal just telling you how it is "We strongly recommend breaking in your patent styles with socks or tights for the first couple of days...I wore my Mulberry Maryjanes with socks the first two times and I never got a blister any time after. As with any other suede shoes, avoid wearing them in the rain. "

Thanks Ladies, BFF!!

They're gonna do a pop up shop May 22nd. Be there or be looking for sandals all summer.....

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claire said...

tots magots getting those red ones. something about red sandals... i always find myself attracted to them. makes my feet POP and they are arguably my best feature. thanx today today!!