Hello, Is there anybody out there?

Dearest Today//Today Readers,

Are you still out there? Are you so over us? We are slowly emerging from several psychological crises brought on by the wintery weather*. Our hearts have slowly melted and our brains are reawakening from the quarter life crises-seasonal affect disorder-post traumatic recession stress that came pouring down upon us this winter. The trials and tribulations have only made us stronger! We come back to you tougher than ever and return to you with daily blog entries, celebrity guests**, and lots of tips to get you back into the swing o’ things-in case you, like us, have been experiencing tremors and mental breakdowns relegating you to dark corners for many hours a day***. Today we are coming out! Not in a gay way just in a “hey” way.


* Our weaknesses
**hi mom
***the past three months


claire said...

lurve it, i'm still here! you know i got u like that.

lacey said...

why can't a heterosexual guy tell a heterosexual guy that he thinks his booty is fly?