We're Stuffed

Dear Friends and Readers of T//T--

Happy Post-Thanksgiving, hoping that you all ate some delicious food and spent a moment yesterday reflecting on how lucky we are. Despite the recent economic slaughter, there is much to be thankful for.

Here is what I gave thanks for (besides the obvious family, friends, health standards):

1. Lou Lou Calhoun, who is finally mellowing out and has a new friend, one Ms. Bruno Bones

2. 20% of all sale items at La Garconne (swoon) + other awesome sales on expensive clothes

3.Floral leggings stolen from my 80's closet, which have already induced the stink eye by my family

4. Need I even say it, Barack Obama . Here is hoping the Obama's pick a Chihuahua for their White House pet. Also, here is hoping he shuts it down as a president

Champagne dreams in 2009!

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