Politics Lesson

On my way to work today I was transferring at Union Square, which is a death trap, and was totally floored by a distinguished looking gentleman in a suit. After profusely apologizing to me, I was still ready to tear a piece off of him, until I noticed a remarkable American flag on his lapel. Turns out he was this really smart and famous politician. I decided that instead of walking away mad, I’d get even, so I made him answer a few of my questions about our nation’s future state over a cup of coffee. Of course he asked to remain anonymous as he is really big news in Washington. Here’s what I learned:

Me: What does the Chief of Staff do?
Anonymous Smart Guy: the Chief of Staff is basically the President's #1 bitch, except that when you're someone's bitch and that someone is the President, you are a very, very powerful bitch.

me: can i quote you on that- using your nom de plume?
Anonymous Smart Guy: He runs the day to day operations of the white house and oversees the white house staff, controls access to the president, and acts as an intermediary between the President and his other subordinates…you can do whatever you want but I really don't want my name tied to it please.

me: well what are your thoughts on his choice? Do you think Rahm is a good one?
Anonymous Smart Guy: I think he is an excellent choice. He's very smart, eats and breaths politics, works hard, white house and Congressional experience. It's actually hard to think of someone better qualified for the job

me: so overall you are impressed by the kind of administration Obama is putting together so far?
Anonymous Smart Guy: well they really haven't announced much in the way of personnel, but I like the guy in charge, Rahm is a good pick, and he [Obama] is surrounding himself w/ some very smart people. It seems there may be a phenomenon, like during JFK years, where the best and brightest want to be working for him in DC, rather than making billions at some private firms, b/c there is a sense that history is being made. There are some people out there who are so talented that can write their own ticket, and it's great to see that they view service to country as what they want to apply their talents too.

Thanks Dewd.

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claire said...

cool, i like learning new things that i probably should already know