One one thousand...

Last night I was having a really hard time falling asleep. Thoughts of beading and color ways were flooding my mind and keeping me awake. Sunday nights are always hard to adjust too. Usually when I can’t sleep I try to think of a black piece of paper and concentrate on it really hard, but when my mind is really jumpy I try to do the whole counting sheep classic… but then I start thinking of the little sheep tripping on the fence and high fiving when they finally get over and then I stay up for hours. Last night, I came up with a new technique… counting galloping white horses with fairy dust. It kind of worked but I wanted to see if the internets could conjure up some miracle cure. Since everyone has this problem now and again, obviously the methods are endless but here are some the most unlikely to work and some old standards.
  • “I wiggle one foot and think of white paper....sounds nuts I know but it really works!"

  • “try watching a movie while lying down comfortably with a blankie ,talk to someone boring on the phone, read a book, don’t drink any caffeine products at all after 7:00pm, take a soothing bath before you lye down.” ( I think this one is probably the best… everyone should have a boring friend to call when they can’t sleep)

  • “NYQUIL”

  • “read the bible. works for me!!!!!!!!!” ( I think it’s the excessive use of exclamation points that I like best about this one, this person is obvs so excited to read the bible they would never fall asleep)

  • listen to harry potter 1 on ur cd player

  • Alcohol.You'll feel dreadful in the morning, but you'll fall asleep quickly.

  • Talk to Kait or Kal-el on msn. Always works with me.

  • i usally put in a pinch of skoal for about 15 minutes before i go to bed. it relaxes me there for i fall asleep a little easier..goodluck

  • “Imagine yourself sinking into the mattress, Starting from the very tips of your toes. When you loosen all your muscles, it gives the effect that you're sinking in. In your mind, begin to "acknowledge" everything around you that all your senses are experiencing. For example: Say to yourself (not out loud), "I hear the clock ticking. I smell the lotion I just applied to my hands. I feel my legs' weight on the bed. I hear my spouse/partner breathing. I see different shades of black. I hear the dog barking in the distance. I hear myself in my own mind talking.", etc. This should help to clear your mind by slowly acknowledging everything and subsequently dismissing it. Stay on your back, sunk into the mattress until you feel it is time to roll into your desired position.”

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