LSD is the New Black

Liberty print is everywhere right now. I have always loved the simplicity of the little floral pattern for the nostalgia it evokes in me for calico dresses and my dreams of life like Laura in Little House on the Prairie. But I was too young to really understand the roots of this nature loving motif. Liberty Print was popularized by Liberty and Co. back in the 60’s then made ultra cool by groovy hippies. The revival has it reworked by APC and Nike among others.

I just happen to be reading the “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” and getting completely smitten by the hippies throw convention to the wind kinda mentality. We’ve all gotten a little stiff and predictable and I think a full acid head revolution may be in store for the near future. Just read the description for the Liberty inspired collection on the A.P.C website and it makes you yearn to be a part of the experience. Gus Van Sant is making the book into a movie slated for sometime this year. I think the times they are a changing, like a feather to the wind, Alice in Wonderland and the whole bit. Lets all trip balls!*

*I’ll be the “safe person” or whatever they call that person at Acid parties

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claire said...

back with panache chicas. i may have been thinking something along the lines of "this blog is fading into the abyss of neglected blogs" but now i'm thinking "this blog is kicking ass and taking names like never before!"
much love,
p.s. i joined a gym! look out beach, here comes my hot bod!